With our custom drone platforms, RAVAN AIR services cover all UAV oil, gas or petrochemical anomaly detection, telecommunication and utility infrastructure aerial inspection needs. Overhead pipeline and bridge crossings can now be safely inspected while greatly reducing permit fees and ROW issues. We have the cameras, software and expertise for visual, thermal and methane aerial inspections that include live HD video feed and high resolution images.

Drone pipeline monitoring can be scheduled and documented on a continual basis, freeing up manpower and time. The RAVAN AIR pilots and staff are FAA and FLIR certified to safely fly and operate our premier UAV equipment. We can incorporate visual, infrared, methane and night inspections for various contractor and consulting services including:


Radiometric inspections pick up temperature differences and are conducted with a FLIR thermal imaging camera mounted on an md4-1000 drone that can distinguish between subtly hot or cold soil temperatures. This is ideal for detecting water leaks, leaking valves and product lines other than methane gas and compressor stations.


Drone inspections for electric utility, building and construction jobsites are conducted with a digital camera and zoom lens providing high-resolution images with georeferencing or full HD video.


RAVAN AIR’s exclusive Microdrones and Pergam sensor integration system emits an eye-safe infrared laser that detects methane accurately and efficiently. Collected data is field downloadable into common CSV file formats.