Cross Bore Inspection

A cross bore occurs when an existing underground utility or structure is intersected by a second utility; this is typically when a pipeline is drilled through another pipeline. This can be disruptive and costly; it can also create a dangerous situation — for example when a gas line intersects a sewer line. However, this mistake can occur between any underground utilities, including sewer, gas, electric, communication, etc.

RAVAN AIR can operate in any accessible utility line to locate pipe disruptions. We are the leading industry experts in cross bore prevention and cross bore locating.

Our technicians are NASSCO certified and hold a widely-recognized certification by a leading gas distribution company.

Cross Bore Prevention and Location Services

RAVANAIR is capable of preventing cross bores as well as identifying and locating them.

By calling us first, we are trained and prepared to rapidly identify any pre-existing underground utilities in order to prevent a cross bore from ever happening.

Additionally, we can advise of any existing pipeline damage including intrusions, collapses, bends, pipe sags, misaligned joints and horizontal and vertical design deviations that may have occurred as a result of a cross bore.

When we are called to identify a cross bore, we are able to quickly deploy our underground probe and camera directly into the pipeline non-invasively in order to pinpoint the exact location of the damage and receive immediate and detailed visuals on the extent of the damage.

We are available to identify and locate emergency cross bores.

State-of-the-Art Probe and Camera System

Our CUES LAMPII lateral and mainline probe and CUES Micro or Mini Pan & Tilt camera are a powerhouse of a team. Paired with Granite Net software, our technicians are able to view live footage, take and notate stills and record video for our clients.

Our autonomous probe has an operational range of 6” – 30” diameter with optional expansion in pipelines of any material excluding steel down to 12’. It can be used in areas with low accessibility since it is not subject to soil type or adjacent utilities.

NASSCO Certified Technicians

Our technicians carry the following NASSCO certifications:

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    Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP®)
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    Lateral Assessment Certification Program (LACP®)
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    Manhole Assessment Certification Program (MACP®)