underground, above ground and aerial
utility inspection company.

We are a nationwide probe, camera and drone service provider for the oil and natural gas, landfill, utility and construction industries and a qualified COSTARS vendor.

What We Do

RAVAN AIR is a nationwide inspection company offering turnkey Advanced Integrated Resources to complete even the most complex projects. We specialize in probes for underground distribution and transmission pipeline mapping and cameras for underground imaging and inspection. RAVAN AIR’s services are primarily focused in the utility industry.

Additionally, we offer complete UAV services including GIS mapping, oil and gas leak detection, thermal imaging, aerial and above ground inspections and UAV for emergency management.

Many of these services are transferable to the utility infrastructure, industrial, construction, landfill and telecommunications industries. Our team holds many certifications, including NASSCO PACP, MACP and LACP certifications.

Compliance Certification

Our Services

Underground Utility Locating

Underground mapping provides our clients with the ability to map hard-to-reach pipelines with a sophisticated and versatile lateral and mainline probe.

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Pipeline Inspection

Our profiling system is a multi-sensor inspection powerhouse equipped to float, crawl or push through thousands of feet of pipe.

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3D Mapping

It’s designed to make any underground utility project easier and more accurate with a gyroscopic and autonomous probe, easily relaying the XYZ location of your pipeline project.

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Cross Bore Inspection

We are able to quickly and non-invasively deploy our underground probe and camera in order to pinpoint the exact location of the damage and receive immediate and detailed visuals.

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CCTV Pipe Inspection

CCTV visual underground pipeline inspection is the most effective way to assess the condition of the pipeline to monitor degradation and avoid costly emergency repairs.

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Aerial GIS Mapping

We safely collect point cloud data and photogrammetric images transforming them into survey-quality, color 3D models and maps, with optional volumetric measurements with georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models.

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Aerial Thermal Imaging

Unreachable pipe and dangerous locations have become accessible with our hearty drone equipped with an infrared camera payload. Our nighttime waiver enables flight without daylight constraints.

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Laser Profiling

Laser Profiling allows us to provide our customers with a digital pipe profile using a ring of laser light that projects onto the internal pipe surface.

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