Aerial Methane Detection

RAVAN AIR takes the risk and guesswork out of methane detection and provides easy access to remote and hazardous locations while keeping your employees safe.

Our above ground drones detect gas leaks with drone-scanner technology, the best UAV gas detection system on the market.

RAVAN Air’s methane detection contracting services are supported by our employees with OSHA safety and FAA certifications for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operation, specialty equipment and software.

Leak Detection Services

Oil and gas pipeline maintenance will often deploy drones for leak detection. RAVAN AIR’s aerial drone methane gas detection services exclusively offer:

  • Video Documentation
  • Proof of Survey
  • Right of Way (ROW) Patrol
  • Quick Data Relay
  • Safety Compliance
  • Master Service Agreements (MSA) Available for All Services​
  • Landfill Methane Detection
  • Pergam LMM Methane Gas Sensor
  • Meets Regulatory Requirements
  • Inclement Weather Durability
  • Infrared Training Center Certified Operators
  • Certificate of Waiver of Daylight Operations

Our Equipment

Our md4-1000 Microdrone equipped with a Pergam self-calibrating sensor is the key configuration that makes RAVAN AIR a methane detection contractor leader in the oil and gas industry. This integrated system accurately detects natural gas through light reflection and absorption by emitting an eye-safe infrared laser capable of pinpointing even the smallest leak. FLIR Optical Gas Imaging thermal camera applications are at our fingertips with expertly trained, certified pilots and staff.

An onboard HD camera links directly to the gas sensor providing simultaneous, real time video access. Surveys qualify as proof for industry audits as our payload video documents the patrol of a flight path or right of way. Gas concentration is displayed in ppm x m and along with GPS coordinates are recorded every second. Data is relayed along with a user friendly CSV file format that is georeferenced by latitude and longitude.