Management Team

David Rock

Chief Pilot

With his mechanical background, years of flying experience and FAA and safety certifications, RAVAN AIR Chief Pilot David Rock is the ideal UAS expert in the continental United States.

David started RAVAN AIR along with Raymond and Ivan Hershberger in February of 2018. He has been flying remote controlled helicopters and airplanes and working with cars most of his life, easily transitioning to pilot after unmanned aerial vehicles first appeared on the market five years ago.

A Lead Operator position at a machining factory primed him for his eventual foray into piloting drones.  As head CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machinist, he was responsible for steel structure fabrication of sky scrapers and steel framed buildings. This mechanical and construction experience lends nicely to David’s natural ability to understand built-in drone systems while giving him an advantage during surveying, mapping, inspection and construction patrols.

David finally realized his dream of leaving the factory and becoming an md4-1000 expert for RAVAN AIR. He has attained many certifications including FAA certified remote pilot with sUAS endorsement, ITC (Infrared Training Center) Level 1 sUAS Thermographer and over 1000 remote control hours with 500
logged flying hours on drones. Additionally, David is Transportation Worker Identification Certified (TWIC), has a TSA security clearance, is SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf Certified by the Petroleum Education Council (PEC) to work in ports, marinas and on oil rigs. He is certified by Columbia Gas of Virginia, holds an FAA Certificate of Waiver 107.29 for Night time operation of sUAS and is a member of AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International).

He is also one of the few pilots qualified to fly this complex aircraft-grade UAV which is systemically more intricate and payload centric than its’ DJI counterpart. David received certification from Microdrones to fly this particular unmanned aerial platform after completing a technically detailed training course covering flight programming software, diagnostics and multiple payloads, including a FLIR thermal imaging camera.

Mark Sakach

Operations Director

Mark joined RAVAN AIR as Operations Manager in February of 2018. Mark is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas construction business, 20 of which have been in the natural gas industry, and 15 as a Project Manager. As an Operator Qualified (OQ) Certified Master Inspector for construction of gas utilities, Mark has overseen inspectors and contractors in the construction or maintenance of hundreds of miles of steel pipeline, regulator upgrades, integrity management projects including corrosion testing and hydro testing, all while having no OSHA recordable incidents.

Mark is Transportation Worker Identification Certified (TWIC), has a TSA security clearance, is SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf Certified by the Petroleum Education Council (PEC) to work in ports, marinas and on oil rigs and is certified by Columbia Gas of Virginia. In addition, Mark holds a National Association Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
Corrosion Technician Certificate, NACE Certified Coatings Inspector, is certified in API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspection and is an ITC (Infrared Training Center) Certified Optical Gas Imaging Thermographer.

With his extensive experience in the oil and gas utility construction industry, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to RAVAN AIR. His fundamental understanding of the ongoing needs of the oil and gas industry combined with training necessary to address pipeline
safety makes him an invaluable asset to both company and customer. 

Raymond Hershberger


Raymond Hershberger and his brother Ivan began working together at an early age with their father Ray in excavating work and some carpentry. In the year 2000, a neighbor’s knowledge of the underground utility construction industry led the three to start family owned Tru-Tek Drilling. After 20 years of building Tru-Tek horizontal directional drilling into a very successful business, the Hershberger family added drone based services for the oil and gas industry. RAVAN AIR, a subsidiary of RAVAN Inc. was established in February of 2018, offering specialized drone services to the oil and gas and related industries requiring methane detection, GIS mapping, thermal imaging, aerial inspections and emergency response.

Ivan Hershberger


Ivan Hershberger has 20 years of experience in the oil and natural gas industry with a strong electrical engineering and safety background.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, he worked alongside his brother, Raymond, and their father in excavation and carpentry, then the three started family owned Tru-Tek Drilling, a horizontal directional drilling company, in the year 2000 under RAVAN Inc.

Ivan, Raymond and Chief Pilot David Rock foresaw a growing need for methane detection and other drone services in the oil and gas industry and RAVAN AIR was launched in February 2018, also a subsidiary of RAVAN Inc.

RAVAN AIR holds safety in the highest regard, and Ivan values the company’s excellent safety track record. As Safety Director, Ivan applies his 20 years of Tru-Tek Drilling oil and gas industry safety knowledge to RAVAN AIR through appropriate drone specific policies including safety bulletins, standards and signature collections.

For more about RAVAN AIR safety policies and certifications, visit the Safety FAQ page.